When to Call an Auto Accident Attorney

There are many different tasks to take care of in the aftermath of a collision. From arranging for alternative transportation to calling your insurer and confirming coverage, a wreck can add a considerable number of tasks to your to-do list. Whether one of those tasks...

4 Ways to Drive Defensively

For those of us who drive every day, it can be easy to forget the responsibilities that come with being behind the wheel. Even if you’re a safe driver, taking precautions can help you avoid injury due to the negligence of others. Here are four tips for how you can...

3 Common Causes of Car Accidents

Each year, millions of Americans are involved in car accidents that ultimately result in property damage, injuries, and deaths. Driver error and driver-based decisions are mostly to blame for these incidents. While an accident attorney can help you in the event of an...

How to Talk With a Loved One About Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse happens to millions of Americans every year, but only a fraction of these cases are reported. If you have loved ones in a nursing home or residential medical center, below is what you should know about talking to them about their care.  How to Ask a...

3 Tips for Safely Dealing With Aggressive Drivers

Even if you try to drive safely, you can’t control the behaviors of others on the road. While an accident attorney can help you if another driver’s negligence causes an accident, it’s much better to avoid such incidents in the first place. Knowing how to respond when...


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