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Personal Injury Lawyer In Carlsbad New MexicoPeople who are injured or killed as the result of an act of negligence have the right, under law, to pursue compensation for damages from the party who committed the act. Negligence is essentially an action (or inaction) in which another party failed to take reasonable care to protect the health, safety and life of another person.

An injury, whether caused by a car accident, an act of medical negligence, or due to the use of a commercial product, will allow the victim to file a claim or lawsuit against the party(ies) responsible. Each case is different, and some larger cases involving many victims become class actions, such as cases of dangerous drugs that caused injury, illness or death. Others may involve a commercial insurance company, such as cases of trucking accidents, while others could involve the manufacturer or retailer of a product that once purchased, led to serious injuries.

These injury cases are often settled outside of court, and the negotiations regarding the value of the claim are exceptionally important. You must have a skilled legal professional who has a depth of experience in these cases working with you; insurance companies generally want to pay out as little as possible, and without a lawyer you could accept a settlement offer far, far lower than you have a right to receive. Let our firm help you with this process. We have helped people just like you for over 10 years. We will protect your right to fair compensation for all damages and help you get back on your feet so that you can get back to living your life.

Carlsbad New Mexico Personal Injury Trial Lawyer

Not all law firms in Carlsbad, New Mexico have attorneys that have extensive civil trial experience. You don’t want a lawyer that avoids the courtroom and tries to settle cases as quickly as possible. A trial lawyer is a different type of attorney, one who can craft a case that is fully documented, well presented to a jury, and leaves little room for doubt that the party accused committed the act of negligence.

At the Balderrama Law Firm we are driven to perform for our clients, and we take our duty to help them resolve an injury case very seriously. We operate on specific core values, including servicing our clients above all else, to always demonstrate competency, and to be hard-working as well as good people. We care about our clients, and once we take on a case, you can trust us to do everything possible to seek to resolve your case favorably. We know these are difficult times, and an injury case can be very tragic, particularly when it involves serious, catastrophic or fatal injuries. Let us manage the legal issues so you can focus on your health and family. Your trust will be well-placed. Call now.


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