How Dashcam Footage Can Help a Personal Injury Case


Dashcams are small dashboard cameras that automatically start recording when a car is in gear. If you’ve been injured by a negligent driver, this footage could help a personal injury attorney secure the compensation you deserve. Here’s how your dashcam could provide valuable evidence for the case.

How Dashcams Help in Court

Eyewitnesses usually only notice what happens at the time of the collision, not the minutes before the crash. Their interpretation of the events may also differ depending on where they were standing. Surveillance cameras provide an impartial perspective, but they’re typically pointed at businesses and may have a narrow view of the road.

Vehicle-mounted dashcams are completely objective, providing footage that leaves little room for ambiguity. The audio recordings some models produce can also show your state of mind before and after the accident, which can support your claims and debunk the other party’s.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Might Use Your Dashcam Footage

Personal Injury Attorney

If the other driver or their insurance company claims you were driving erratically, your video may show that you were moving in a straight line and not any faster than other vehicles.

It may also show the other driver’s negligent behavior. For instance, if they were speeding or ran a stoplight, your camera may show that you had a green light at the time of the collision. These devices can also capture drivers pulling in front of you and stopping abruptly, a form of aggressive driving that often causes accidents.

The other party may try to claim that you took responsibility for the incident or offered to pay for repairs. Cameras that record audio can prove what was actually said in the aftermath, which could ensure you get the settlement you deserve.


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