How to Prevent a Trucking Accident


When driving on streets and highways, you’ll likely encounter large trucks. Due to their size and weight, vehicles like big rigs cause more severe damage and injury in trucking accidents than in car collisions. Practice the following driving behaviors to help you arrive at your destination safely. 

3 Ways to Avoid Trucking Accidents

1. Avoid Distracted Driving

Anything that takes your focus away from operating your vehicle, such as using your phone, talking to passengers, or eating, creates a distraction. Driving while distracted results in thousands of lost lives and personal injuries every year, which is one reason why texting while driving is illegal in New Mexico. Giving your undivided attention to driving, especially the movement of trucks near you, contributes to a safer environment for you and other drivers.

2. Avoid Truck Blind Spots

trucking-accidentsDrivers in semis have difficulty seeing cars because their trucks have large blind spots on all four sides. These blind spots, called No Zones, are two lanes’ width on the truck’s right side; about one-half of the trailer’s length on the driver’s side; 30 feet behind the truck; and 20 feet in front of it.

When you look for truck drivers in their side-view mirrors and don’t see them, you’re in their blind spot. Avoid the No Zones to reduce the risk of a truck accident.

3. Signal Clearly

Moving suddenly near a big rig, such as changing lanes, turning, or passing it, can lead to a serious trucking accident. Before you move, turn on your signal earlier than you would usually. Clear and early signaling gives truckers enough time to adjust or respond in their driving pattern.


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