4 Pieces of Essential Motorcycle Equipment


Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling activity and an exciting way to get around. But before hitting the open road, motorcyclists require several pieces of safety equipment to prevent injury in the event of a motorcycle accident. Below, learn more about the essential safety equipment needed for riding a motorcycle. 

4 Important Pieces of Motorcycle Safety Equipment

1. Jacket & Pants

A proper motorcycle jacket and a pair of riding-safe pants will each be made from materials that are designed to withstand intense friction and abrasions from a crash, such as Kevlar®. Motorcycle jackets and pants also come in leather and synthetic varieties, but the types that offer the best protection have doubled seams and body armor sewn in them. No matter what material you choose, it should fit you snugly but offer enough mobility to steer and drive your bike comfortably. Weather conditions will also factor into the materials of sufficient jackets and pants. If you ride in cold or wet conditions, you will want added protection to stay comfortable, dry, and warm. 

2. Helmet

motorcycle accidentAn absolutely essential item of motorcycle safety equipment is a helmet. A proper helmet will be designed to withstand the significant impact of a potential motorcycle accident and will fit you properly. A full-face helmet offers the best crash protection, along with additional coverage around the base of your head. These models also usually include a visor. You should only wear DOT-approved helmets, which are helmets that offer maximum safety and protection and meet the criteria of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218. They should also be under five years old. If the helmet is older than this, the materials will start to degrade, making the helmet less safe. 

3. Boots

Riding-specific boots protect your feet and ankles by not allowing your feet to bend or your ankles to rotate easily. This will prevent injury in the event of a crash. Proper boots should cover your ankles and have a snug fit. Ideally, they will also include metal plates in the sole to protect your feet further if you should skid.

4. Bike Tools

In the event of a mechanical issue in a remote area, carrying bike tools will save you time in resolving minor repairs yourself. You should have a screwdriver, socket wrench, and a bike stand. Being able to maintain your bike as needed will help the motorcycle run properly to further prevent the risk of a motorcycle accident.


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